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Reims, the city of kings

City of the coronations of kings, it is closely linked to the history of France and contains monuments and sites whose reputation goes far beyond our borders.
The smiling angel of the cathedral gives Reims the face of a dynamic and welcoming city with a rich historical heritage

Its subsoil also offers some beautiful discoveries with about 200 kilometres of cut chalk pits, Gallo-Roman or medieval, which house 250 million bottles of champagne. Champagne cellars with prestigious names, many of which can be visited and which illustrate that vines have always been cultivated in the area.
Stroll along the streets, day and night, numerous sites, monuments and museums bear witness to the history of Reims, from the Gallo-Roman era to the Art Dstyle
Reims is the city of Champagne know-how.

The Deli-Hemp shop in the heart of Reims

It is a 10 minute walk from the Reims cathedral on the Avenue Jean Jaurès that the large French CBD Deli Hemp store opened its doors on December 2nd In a busy street, right next to a road leading to Belgium, we meet Julien, the CBD salesman Not far from a university, a high school but also from the Clinique de la Main, Julien confides to us that the clientele is quite eclectic "It goes from 20 year olds, to young dynamic executives but there are also older people who come for chronic diseases."
Julien is a former THC user "Today I'm 30 years old, obviously with the years I want other things and that's why I decided to replace THC with CBD. My favourite is Gorilla Glue! He confides that CBD was a real revelation for him and now he swears by it.

Introducing the Deli-Hemp spirit

Making customers understand the Deli Hemp spirit but also all the benefits of CBD is essential, it is a question of reassuring people
"We have to de-demonise the misconceptions about CBD, everything we sell here is legal and comes from 100% natural agriculture Julien explains, "There are really all kinds of people who come to the shop, connoisseurs and others who have never heard of CBD, in this case I present the entire range of oils through the flowers but also the entire cosmetic range."

The shop has a very clean look, just like the rest of the Deli Hemp stores "The people who come here compliment me a lot on the universe, it's true that you feel good here!

When we ask Julien which CBD-based products sell out the fastest in the shop, he tells us that he sells a lot of Amnesia and Deli White, but also 10% to 25% oils. The rest of the oils remain for the most serious pathologies "Deli Hemp is a way for me to combine my passion for CBD and work, being able to work with quality products made in France in the respect of a natural agriculture is important I think

Your CBD shop welcomes you from Monday to Saturday from 9.30am to 6pm at 199 Avenue Jean Jaurès, 51100 Reims

Click & Collect is still available in your Deli Hemp shop despite the health situation