Deli Hemp is located in Paris, in the Convention district.

In Paris, the most populated district of the capital, it is easy to find greenery thanks to the numerous parks and gardens that populate the 15th arrondissement of Paris.

Not far from the Convention metro station, the favourite of its inhabitants is without doubt the Parc André Citroën with its water columns. However, the Georges Brassens Park does not pale in comparison with its big brother. These former slaughterhouses, which have been converted into green spaces, have their own vineyards and produce their own wine: the Clos des Morillons.

Every weekend, you can go there to hunt for nuggets at the antique book market.

Deli Hemp, the number one CBD wellness reference: 2 minutes from the metro Convention

It is more precisely in the rue de la Convention that the French CBD brand Deli Hemp has decided to settle since this winter 2021.

A wide range of CBD products: CBD flowers, CBD oils, CBD cosmetics, teas, coffees...

In the CBD shop on rue de la Convention, Deli Hemp offers above all legal cannabis or CBD unlike its cousin THC which has psychotropic risks and is completely illegal.

CBD shops are springing up more and more all over France, thanks to its legalisation since 19 November last year. Deli Hemp has therefore taken up the challenge of offering top-of-the-range CBD products at very competitive prices.

We meet Benjamin in one of the many Deli Hemp shops located at 186 rue de la Convention: "We offer CBD-based wellness products in the form of herbs to be infused, resins, massage oils and lubricants or even crystals to be sprinkled on food".

Today, a large number of scientific studies show a number of therapeutic benefits for the body in general but more specifically for a better functioning immune system. Also, scientists show an improvement of stress and thus a total relaxation of the body, or against Parkinson's disease or multiple sclerosis.

Very attractive prices for French CBD

Combining accessibility with high quality is a successful bet for Deli Hemp. This applies to CBD oils, cosmetics and also flowers and herbal teas.

Benjamin is above all attentive to each of his customers' requests, taking the time to listen to the needs of each and every one of them is essential for the Deli Hemp company.

You will find the most famous CBD flowers (Amnesia, Bruce Banner...) but also full spectrum CBD oils, teas / coffees... you will find a whole range of CBD products at Deli Hemp.

Benjamin welcomes you from Monday to Saturday from 10.30am to 7pm at 186 rue de la Convention 75015 Paris.