Deli Hemp has set up shop in Le Mans, in the heart of the city, on Avenue du Général de Gaulle.

Two hours from Paris, in the Sarthe region, the city of Le Mans represents a heritage treasure, particularly with its historic centre. The capital of the Sarthe region and the 3rd largest city in the Pays de la Loire, it enjoys a privileged location between the Paris Basin, the Atlantic and the Loire Valley. City of Art and History, Le Mans preserves an exceptional heritage.

The cradle of the Plantagenet dynasty, the City of Art and History of Le Mans, the former capital of Maine, has preserved a prestigious built heritage from its rich past.

Le Mans is a dynamic city with craftsmen and tradesmen well anchored in their time and natural nuggets at the gates of the city.

Deli Hemp the reference in CBD well-being: In the heart of Le Mans, 3 minutes walk from Victor Hugo Park.

It is just a stone's throw from Victor Hugo Park, in the very heart of Le Mans, that the leading CBD wellness brand has set up its latest shop. The number one leader in therapeutic hemp, Deli Hemp offers a wide range of products made from Cannabidiol, respecting a totally natural and environmentally friendly agriculture.

With more than 80 shops in France, Deli Hemp has established itself as the big winner in the CBD well-being market, 100% French and legal.

The range offered by Deli Hemp extends from flowers to cosmetics, but also to a wide range of teas, herbal teas and coffees.

Cannabidiol-based products have been in vogue since the beginning of the year and are now in full development throughout France.

By offering a quality and organic label, Deli Hemp is now the number one brand for hemp wellness.

At the Deli Hemp shop in Le Mans, we meet Nicolas, the salesman: "We offer CBD-based wellness products in the form of herbs to be infused, resin, massage oils and lubricants or even crystals to be sprinkled on food

By promoting the benefits of CBD, Deli Hemp is choosing a non-psychoactive and non-addictive molecule unlike THC.

If you often suffer from anxiety or inflammatory pain, or simply have trouble sleeping, CBD will help relieve your daily stress.

CBD oils, CBD flowers, CBD cosmetics, CBD herbal teas or CBD vapes.

Here is an overview of what the French CBD brand offers today.

When you enter Deli Hemp, you'll find that the shop has a very simple style.

All CBD products are legal and naturally grown.

Nicolas is very attentive to his customers' requests; here we work on a case-by-case basis. The CBD market is booming these days. "Our products are aimed at everyone

From flowers to sublingual oils, cosmetics and teas, you can find a whole range of CBD products at Deli Hemp.

Nicolas welcomes you from Monday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm at 7 Avenue du Général de Gaulle, 72000 Le Mans.