Deli Hemp is located in Paris, in the Saint Germain des Prés district.

Paris in the chic 6th arrondissement, in the heart of Paris, where culture and heritage meet.

For centuries, the vibrant Saint-Germain-des-Prés district has attracted the curious from all over the world.

Amidst the luxury boutiques and art galleries that enliven the area, you can sit on the terraces of the cult cafés of Saint-Germain: the Café de Flore, the Café des Deux Magots and discover the typical Parisian life.

Not far from the church of Saint Germain, you will find the Luxembourg Gardens, one of the most beautiful parks in the capital, with its palace and its pond where children sail their wooden sailboats, is an essential part of Parisian life.

Deli Hemp the reference in CBD well-being: 2 minutes from the Saint Germains des Près metro station.

Not far from the famous café des deux Magots, in the rue de Mazarine, a few meters from the Saint Germain des Prés metro station, we can discover the very famous CBD Deli Hemp shop. The number 1 CBD shop offers a wide range of CBD products from flowers to cosmetics and a range of teas and coffees. Deli Hemp on rue de Mazarine offers legal cannabis, more commonly known as CBD, which is part of one of the molecules present in the hemp plant.

CBD products, in full expansion throughout France, are now part of our daily lives and have many benefits. We meet Manon at the Deli Hemp shop located at 33 rue Mazarine: "we offer CBD-based wellness products in the form of herbs to be infused, resin, massage oils and lubricants or even crystals to be sprinkled on food".

Unlike THC, CBD has no psychoactive effects.

Numerous scientific studies have revealed a number of benefits for the human body, notably for the proper functioning of the immune system and the reduction of stress and anxiety. CBD also has a positive effect on Alzheimer's disease and multiple sclerosis.

The French CBD brand offers a wide range of products

CBD Flowers, CBD Oils, CBD Cosmetics, Vapes, Teas, CBD Coffees...

Since November 19th, the European Court of Justice has made the sale of CBD products totally legal, the CBD market is booming these days and this in the whole capital.

Manon takes care to listen to each of her customers' requests, here we take the time to better understand each other's needs.

Florence welcomes you from Monday to Saturday from 10.30am to 7pm at 33 rue Mazarine 75006 Paris.