CBD: Answers to your questions


What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

To understand what CBD is, it is important to know that the Cannabis plant is made up of several molecules, called Cannabinoids.

Long known for its THC molecule and its psychoactive effects, the Cannabis plant is gradually revealing other molecules with numerous benefits, such as CBD. When the plant contains less than 0.2% THC, it is called "hemp flower".

Where does CBD come from?

Discovered in the 20th century, CBD was first extracted from the hemp plant in 1940.

Although the molecule was initially considered harmful to humans, researchers discovered the extent of its benefits in 1960. This discovery gave rise to much thought about the use of CBD for medical purposes, notably for its positive effect on anxiety, and later on pain and nausea.

How does it differ from THC?

In its natural state, Cannabis is loaded with an average of 15-25% THC.

This concentration is responsible for the psychoactive effects, known as 'high'. For this reason, the Cannabis flower is considered a narcotic, and its consumption is illegal in France and in several European countries. However, Cannabidiol (CBD) has no psychoactive effect.

On the contrary, it has positive effects on the human body, including relaxing properties, such as a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Moreover, CBD is not addictive or addictive and is absolutely non-toxic.

Consumption of CBD, even at a high dose, does not present a risk of anxiety attacks often associated with THC consumption.

How to use CBD?

Now common in many countries, hemp flower is derived into a wide variety of products. Some of the most popular are :

CBD flowers

When consumed as an infusion, they provide intense relaxation and anxiety reduction. Depending on the choice of flower, the amount of CBD is higher or lower. At Deli Hemp you will find CBD flowers with concentrations of 2.5% to 89%. For novices, we recommend starting with low concentrations.

CBD oils

CBD oil is considered a dietary supplement, usually administered orally. If you are new to CBD, we advise you to choose a fairly low dosage and increase the doses gradually. In general, it is recommended to consume 2 to 3 drops of oil per day.

The most common way to consume CBD oil is sublingually (pouring the drops of oil under the tongue), but you can also mix it with a drink or food. For more details on how to consume the oils, see our usage guide.

CBD cosmetics

CBD cosmetics are applied to the skin. At Deli Hemp you will find several CBD-based wellness products, such as balms, body oils, scented candles. Deli Hemp's CBD massage oils and balms help to reduce muscle pain and provide intense muscle relaxation.

They also provide deep hydration and relief for sensitive skin

CBD Vaporizers

These are vaporizers similar to electronic cigarettes. These Vape are used to vaporize flowers, or CBD concentrates(Pollen, Extraction, CBD Resin). The Deli Pen Deli Hemp is available with different flavoured cartridges.

You will find all the flavours of the most famous CBD flowers: Amnesia, OG Kush and others, to enjoy the benefits of CBD anywhere, anytime. All our Deli Pen cartridges are 65% concentrated.

CBD teas and coffees

Deli Hemp offers a variety of CBD teas, coffees and decaf. Tasty and relaxing, the hemp drinks are 100% natural and grown in total respect of the environment. They allow you to take full advantage of the relaxing properties of CBD, and offer a moment of relaxation.

CBD drinks also help to fight headaches and soothe muscles.

What are the effects of CBD?

The relaxing effect of CBD, without the harm of THC

CBD has become famous largely for its miraculous effects against stress and anxiety. CBD's anxiolytic and relaxing properties allow users to experience a sense of well-being and relief, without the harmful effects.

As a result, it also helps to resolve physical problems related to anxiety (heart acceleration, depression etc.). By acting on stress and anxiety, CBD also has an impact on sleep disorders, which are often related to stress.

The effects of CBD on pain

CBD acts directly on the receptors responsible for pain (CB1 and CB2), and helps to resolve chronic inflammatory pathologies. Its analgesic action acts as a painkiller and anti-inflammatory. This molecule is used to relieve neuropathic pain and is now included in the composition of the drug Sativex.

A remedy for muscle pain

CBD-based products for cutaneous application (balm, massage oil) are very effective in soothing muscle pain related to sports, as well as for osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, or pain related to chemotherapy. Thanks to their relaxing effects, cannabinoids help to relax the muscles and avoid aches and pains.

Effects of CBD on the skin

The benefits of CBD in dermatology

Many CBD-based products have proven their benefits in dermatology. There are more and more hemp-based cosmetics on the market, such as CBD creams, CBD oils, balms, shower gels etc.

Indeed, the anti-inflammatory properties of Cannabidiol help to relieve irritated and itchy skin. It also acts against excess sebum, the appearance of acne pimples, eczema and psoriasis. Hemp helps to moisturise the skin in depth, and helps to combat dry skin. Many hemp-based products can be found in parapharmaceutical products.

Is CBD legal?

On Wednesday 23 June 2021, the Court of Cassation handed down a "general" ruling on the marketing of CBD (Cannabidiol) based products in France.

This molecule derived from Cannabis is non-psychotropic: for this reason, the Court of Cassation has finally lifted the legal uncertainty that weighed on CBD in France and pronounced the legality of the trade of CBD-based products, as long as they are produced in the European Union and derived from the variety Sativa L. (Source: Le Figaro)